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Archive for July, 2006

Arroyo cancels activities outside Palace this week

Posted by Michille on 31st July 2006

Arroyo cancels activities outside Palace this week – Tempo News!

President Arroyo has canceled her outdoor activities set for this week to get more rest as advised by her doctors after her flu treatment at the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Malacañang said yesterday.

The Office of the Press Secretary said that the President has called off her attendance at the opening ceremonies of the 15th Makro chain of retail stores in Mandaluyong City set this morning.

Other outdoor activities of the President for the rest of the week are expected to be similarly cancelled in keeping with her doctors’ orders for her to take a complete rest, it said.

The team of doctors at the Saint Luke’s Hospital who attended to her said that the President has fully recovered from the flu but she should limit her engagements for the next two weeks.

“The operative word is take it slowly in the meantime,” they said.

The President was confined at the hospital for two days after she complained of fever, coughs, sore throat and body aches.

Dr. Juliet Cervantes, her attending physician, said the President would have to limit her work schedule inside her office in Malacañang from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to avoid stress.

The President is fit to work but she has to rest more, said Cervantes.

Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesperson Ignacio R. Bunye Jr. said that the President is “raring to work” but she has to follow the doctors’ pieces of advice.

The President is a known workaholic. She focuses her mind on work most the time.

The Office of the Press Secretary said that Vice President Noli de Castro would represent the President at the Makro event and at the “Mega Regions” meeting also scheduled today.

It said that the members of the Cabinet have been instructed to take up the “slack” left by the President’s lighter workload, particularly on the implementation of various administration programs and projects related to the so-called “mega regions”.

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Mayor described as city’s top tourist attraction

Posted by Michille on 31st July 2006

Mayor described as city’s top tourist attraction – Sun.Star Davao!

CITY Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is currently Davao City’s number one tourist attraction, aside from his being a strong magnet to investors.

This was Vice Mayor Luis Bonguyan’s frank description of the mayor, saying he doesn’t mind being called the mayor’s number one fan.

Bonguyan described his boss in glowing terms in a speech he delivered before some 50 businessmen attending the 6th Davao City Business Conference Annual Policy Forum at Davao City Convention and Trade Center last week.

The vice mayor was, delivering for Duterte, the mayor’s response to the resolutions of the Davao City business sector at the end of the annual business conference.

He also mentioned Duterte being chosen as the 2005 Pinoy of the Year by a national daily tabloid publication.

“Many of our visitors, especially those from Luzon who have heard so much about the exploits and controversial statements of Mayor Duterte, admit that they came here primarily to see the mayor in person,” Bonguyan bared.

City Tourism Officer Edmundo “Id” Acaylar confirmed the vice mayor’s statement.

“During the Asean Tourism Forum, other conventions and the Lakbay Aral trips of local government officials here, most of the delegates would want to meet and have pictures taken with the mayor,” he said.

In his speech with the businessmen, Bonguyan relayed Duterte’s appreciation to the support of the business sector, led by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for his administration’s programs and projects.

“We truly value your partnership especially in the areas of tourism and investment promotion, environment, transparency and public accountability, youth development and gender mainstreaming,” Bonguyan quoted Duterte as saying.

“Indeed, Davao City is now poised to sustain the gains we have made in our local economy. When the rest of the country is in bad financial shape, our city continues to post a positive balance of trade, sound fiscal administration, and increased private and public investments,” he said.

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Contractor asks transportation secretary to review its lost deal

Posted by Michille on 31st July 2006

Contractor asks transportation secretary to review its lost deal – Sun.Star Cebu!

ARN BUILDERS may have to refund some P8 million out of the P16.6-million mobilization fund that it received from the airport authority. The company is now fighting for a P110.8-million contract for the airport apron extension that the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) board voided.

But aside from its earlier threat of a lawsuit, the contractor has also brought up what it calls the baseless and illegal cancellation of its contract before Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Leandro Mendoza.

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) board had voided the contract with ARN because of alleged “irregularities and misrepresentation.”

An arbitration committee was tasked to determine the extent of the work ARN Builders has accomplished on site and give an estimated amount, as basis for negotiation.

The committee already submitted its report to the board.

With its technical support group, the committee pegged ARN’s work, equipment, field office, bunkhouse rentals and other temporary facilities, including two vehicles, at P10.6 million.

If the two vehicles and the field office consisting of two vans will be returned to ARN, the amount that the MCIAA would owe ARN will only be around P8.5 million.

The committee said its estimates could be reviewed by an independent body such as personnel from the Commission on Audit or the Department of Public Works and Highways.

But lawyer Elias Espinoza, ARN’s legal counsel and one of its financiers, called the attention of the DOT about the matter.

He cited that ARN was the lowest bidder and has already started its work after a notice of award and notice to proceed.

He said the board has “no legal and factual basis” to rescind the contract because ARN did not commit any breach of the terms and conditions.

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NSO, PLAN Philippines beef up birth registration

Posted by Michille on 31st July 2006

NSO, PLAN Philippines beef up birth registration – PIA!

By Alice Nicart and Samuel Candido

Borongan, Eastern Samar (31 July) — In its optimum objective to achieve 100% birth registration, the National Statistics Office (NSO) and PLAN Philippines here conducted a rigid training for barangay secretaries being the ones tasked to credibly and legibly enlist any new born in the community.

NSO believes that the barangay secretaries can very well assist them in this seemingly simple yet meticulously-demanding task of recording details of birth registration. Observations have it that not a few cases have been leveled due to erroneous entries of data.

It was gathered that barangay birth registration is free of charge. However, should there be petitions for corrections the office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWD) will have to conduct a Case Study on the subject child.

In the forum, Charito Aberia, Municipal Registrar of Hernani town disclosed that parents with erroneous child’s birth certificate opt to keep silent due to costly correction process; the cost as provided in RA 9048 indicates that a slight correction would cost parents a thousand pesos while correction in the misspelled name, P3,000.00, Aberia added.

NSO however assured that for parents who are certified by MSWDO as indigents can be exempted by the provision of the law unless otherwise findings of the Case Study reveal otherwise.

NSO further stressed that after the petition had been submitted in court, changed of names will have to be published in two consecutive weeks in a regular local publication while to change an erroneous entry will taker some three to four months for the petitioner to wait for the result.

The Birth Registration forum of the NSO was conducted at the Borongan ESADEF building in partnership with PLAN Philippines, another internationally-based NGO which promoted the Convention of the Rights of the Child. It specifically serves five pilot municipalities in Eastern Samar province: Hernani, Balangkayan, Llorente, Salcedo and Oras.

Present also during the training were the Municipal Registrars of the five pilot municipalities while the Sinirangan Press Club were in invited in a brief press conference. (PIA-Borongan)

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Palace maintains: Funds available for OFWs’ repatriation

Posted by Michille on 31st July 2006

Palace maintains: Funds available for OFWs’ repatriation – PIA!

Manila (31 July) — In response to critics looking into the financial issues in the repatriation of overseas Filipino workers in Lebanon, Malacañang maintained that the “funds are there and are being used judiciously and effectively to extend relief and take OFWs in Lebanon out of harm’s way.”

The statement was issued by Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman Ignacio Bunye after some senators claim that the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is hoarding its P7.6 billion fund for OFWs. Hence, the senate inquiry to be held at 1 pm today.

Bunye explained the “continuous stream of OFWs returning home is proof enough of this (truth that the funds are not mismanaged).”

Meantime, Malacañang is asking the Filipino nation not to raise speculations and controversies that only fuel demoralization and even hamper efforts to resolve the crisis.

“Let us allow the crisis team to concentrate on its job without being saddled by political noise,” urged Bunye. (PIA—MMIO)

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Feature: DOST as RP’s technology shopping center

Posted by Michille on 31st July 2006

Feature: DOST as RP’s technology shopping center – PIA!

by Lovely Laudette D. Gamba

BUTUAN CITY (31 July) — The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) recently has showcased itself as the country’s technology shopping center during an investment forum, here.

The forum shows off the different technologies developed by DOST ranging from simple to complicated applications. Complicated machines invented by DOST to help boost production were also showcased during the forum.

The highlights of the regional celebration of the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) is aim to improve Filipino lives through science and technology.

“We at DOST believes that science and technology can provide us with opportunities and thus help improve lives”, DOST Regional Director Lyndo Villacorta said.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo recognizes the role of science and technology in nation building. In her last year’s SONA, President Arroyo said that science and technology should be at the forefront of development.

Proof of DOST role in nation building is the food fortification process to help lessen micronutrient deficiency in the country.

For the past ten years, health experts have been alarmed of the micronutrient deficiency in the country, which is higher than the World Health Organization standard.

To address this problem, DOST came up with the food fortification of staple food such as rice, flour, oil, sugar and juices with Vitamin A, Iron and Iodine.

At present a number of companies are already adapting the food fortification process. In fact there are already available fortified oil, sugar, rice and flour in the market. Snack food factories have even fortified their products to make it more saleable to the market.

Other technologies presented during the forum, include low sugar banana chips, laundry bar soap production by cold process, oyster culture and spawn production, virgin coconut oil by wet process, natural mosquito repellant lotion and Carageenan capsule.

DOST was also able to develop a software called the Bayanihan Linux. The department was also able to develop a GSM data terminal, dry tunnel, aflatoxin test kit, mobile decorticating machine among others.

In Caraga alone, forty companies or industries have benefited from these technologies. These companies include TAGANECO, SMC Marine Resources and Adolph Coco Beads. This is excluding those individuals who have sought technical assistance from DOST. (PIA-13)

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