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Archive for August, 2006

POEA warns public vs illegal recruiters in Ghana

Posted by Michille on 31st August 2006

POEA warns public vs illegal recruiters in Ghana – PIA!

by Rutchie Cabahug-Aguhob

Cagayan de Oro City (31 August) — The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has warned the public against the modus operandi of illegal recruiters to publish blind advertisements.

“Publication of these blind ads is one of the most common practices of illegal recruiters wherein they advertise for work and travel opportunities abroad but do not indicate the name of their agency or contact person,” Ann Apasra S. Abas, Regional Officer-in-Charge of POEA Extension Unit in region 10, said.

“What they publish is just the venue, mostly in hotels or restaurants for orientation or interviews to entice unsuspecting applicants who are eager to be deployed abroad,” Abas said.

At the same time, jobseekers are warned against accepting offers by some groups and individuals for employment in Ghana in the wake of reports by the Philippine Embassy in Nigeria that some Filipinos have already been victimized by illegal recruiters and made to pay for non-existent jobs in that country.

“At present, deployment to Ghana has been very minimal, averaging only 50 workers per year with most of the jobs in the administrative and managerial fields,” Abas said.

Moreover, the POEA has announced that the United Kingdom Home Office has removed general nurses from its shortage occupation list and retaining only those with specific field of specialization effective August 14, this year.

The new policy would mean that UK employees, both the NHS and independent health providers would have to satisfy first the resident labor market test before they can recruit general nurses from abroad.

“Employers recruiting general nurses in UK will have to advertise any vacancy first and demonstrate to the Work Permit UK that they cannot fill the same with a UK or EEA applicant or that no resident UK nationals were considered suitable for the job,” Abas said.

However, the new policy will have no effect on nurses currently working in the UK and does not cover the following categories of nurses which were still included in the shortage occupation lists (SOL): audiology, steep-respiratory physiology, neurophysiology, operating theater nursing, clinical radiology, pathology and critical care.

Other skills which are still included in the SOL are midwives, railway engineers, structural/bridge engineers, transportation ad highway engineers, civil Aviation authority licensed aircraft engineers and veterinary surgeons, among others.

Under the old policy, employers recruiting international nurses of whatever category can apply directly to the Home Office for a work permit without need to advertise the vacancies.

In a related development, the government reiterates the President’s stand that a retake of the recent Nurses Exam is unnecessary and unfair, particularly for those who come from the poor families that had worked hard for their young ones to enter this noble profession.

Concerned agencies and officials are working towards a win-win strategy for all stakeholders following the principle of “punishing the guilty and sparing the innocent,” taking in the directive of the President against a retake of the tainted exams.

The incident should serve as a lesson to future board takers that by tolerating or engaging in such dishonest acts, they do not only destroy themselves but also their peers and the whole profession that they aspire to be part of, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said. (PIA 10)

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Lazi strengthens intelligence monitoring

Posted by Michille on 31st August 2006

Lazi strengthens intelligence monitoring – PIA!

by Rizalie A. Calibo

Siquijor (31 August) — Fifty-one Barangay Tanods of the municipality of Lazi attended the one-day seminar on Barangay Intelligence Network recently at the SB Hall, Lazi, Siquijor. The seminar was aimed to reorient the BIN members of their duties and responsibilities and to intensify the intelligence monitoring of illegal activities in their respective barangays.

It also forms part of the President’s effort to professionalize and modernize the military and police.

In a statement, Malacanang officials said, the President and Commander in Chief is in full control of the institutions of security and public order, and is determined to enhance their professionalism and effectiveness, including their strict adherence to strict rules of engagement and the protection of human rights.

Resource speakers were Police Director Ronald M. Laggui, SPO4 Arnulfo G. Acacio, PO2 Alandro A. Garnica, and PO2 Elvin P. Ellecion.

Mayor Orville A. Fua of Lazi pointed out during his message the urgency and importance of effective coordination of the Barangay tanods and PNP personnel in intelligence monitoring to avert any terrorist attack in view of the geographical proximity of the province of Siquijor to Mindanao.

Giving the closing remarks was SPO4 Victor p. Sollamillo.

The activity was conducted by the personnel of the Lazi Police Station and coordinated by the Office of the Mayor and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG). (PIA)

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Trapped dead: 3 kids, 3 others

Posted by Michille on 31st August 2006

Trapped dead: 3 kids, 3 others – Sun.Star Cebu!

A mother, her three children and two other women died after the door of the basement room they were renting on Sindulan St., Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City was blocked by a concrete wall that collapsed, trapping them inside.

The bodies of Precilla T. Balagapo, 35, a part-time teacher of a caregiving center and her three children—Frealla Ann, 7, Fritzie Joice, 6, and Alfredo III, 3—Abigail B. Familara, 24, Precilla’s cousin-in-law and Elsa Gocela, 38, a housemaid were found at 8:50 a.m. yesterday.

Tragedy struck at 1:30 a.m.

The victims were taken to the Cebu City Medical Center where they were declared dead.

They may have drowned or got electrocuted, according to homicide investigators.

SPO3 Rey Cuyos, team leader of the responding Homicide Section team, told reporters yesterday they asked the PNP Crime Laboratory 7 to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Precilla’s husband, Alfredo Jr., rushed back to Cebu City from Bohol Province after learning about the incident. He called on
the local government to prioritize the cleanup of rivers and creeks to prevent a similar tragedy.

SPO3 Cuyos said the creek overflowed after it rained nonstop overnight.

The rushing waters destroyed a concrete fence that also served as the flood control wall of the house of Fatima Dolotina.

The water, which rose as high as seven feet, flooded the entire house of Dolotina, including the porch.

The water surged and toppled the opposite concrete fence.

The City Government will give P10,000 assistance for each of the fatality.

The City Council yesterday declared Sindulan under a state of calamity so City Hall can tap its calamity funds to help the families of the dead and those displaced by the flooding.

Vice Mayor Michael Rama said the incident showed the importance of restoring the mandated three-meter easement on riverbanks.

He said City Hall must demolish structures and clear all rivers and creeks.

He reminded barangay officials of their duty to monitor construction of structures and to implement the law.

Councilor Gerardo Carillo said an investigation will be made to determine who should be held liable for the tragedy.

The fire department and disaster council were in Sindulan as early as 2 a.m. urging the residents to vacate their homes because of the flooded creek.

City Planning Officer Paul Villarete said the shanties built near the creeks should be demolished.

The Balagapos’ room is at the basement of the two-story house owned by the Galarse family.

The room has a separate door fronting the concrete wall. A pathway, about half a meter wide from the wall, gives access to the room.

Mud on the wall indicated that the water had filled up the room.

Cuyos said an electrical short circuit may have also occurred when the water entered the room.

Vicente “Toto” Galarse, who occupied the first floor of the house, told reporters that the victims had been renting the underground room for more than a year.

He narrated that past 1 a.m. he was awaken by the floodwaters that flowed inside his room, prodding him to check the house.

He also checked outside the house but did not notice the collapsed wall. He went back to his room and got back to sleep.

He only learned about the tragedy when a relative of the victims arrived past 8 a.m. to check on the family.

Vicente then called up the Mabolo Barangay Hall to seek assistance.

Warlito Matulac, a technical staff of the Cebu City Disaster Coordinating Council (CCDCC), said in an interview that they noticed the two walls that collapsed at 3 a.m. but did not know that six people were trapped inside the room.

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Fishers voice alarm over vessels

Posted by Michille on 31st August 2006

Fishers voice alarm over vessels – Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro!

Task Force Macajalar spokesperson Bencyrus Ellorin disclosed that the fisher folk also filed a resolution calling on the Coast Guard and the Marina to monitor and double-check oil tankers to determine if they are seaworthy.

Read the entire article:

LOCAL fisher folk groups voiced fears of losing their livelihood once commercial fishing vessels operating in Bohol and Visayas that got affected by the Guimaras oil spill shift their operations to Northern Mindanao.

During Wednesday’s forum, fisher folk groups from Gingoog Bay, Macajalar Bay, the Lanao provinces, the towns of Opol, Villanueva and Jasaan in Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon province, said they feared these commercial fishing vessels would inflict more pressure on the already limited fisheries and marine resources in their areas.

This came amid reports that the National Government allotted P2 billion for the Guimaras oil spill cleanup and resorted to low-tech methods such as using human hair and chicken feathers to expedite the process.

It was also learned that commercial fishers from the towns of Opol and Jasaan, operating in the seas off Bohol and Eastern Visayas, may also be compelled to fish in the waters of Region 10.

Task Force Macajalar spokesperson Bencyrus Ellorin said the forum participants moved for a resolution calling on the Coast Guard and the Marina to bar commercial fishing vessels from operating in municipal waters.

He also said the fisher folk also filed a resolution calling on the Coast Guard and the Marina to monitor and double-check oil tankers to determine if they are seaworthy.

“These agencies should see if these ships are double-hulled instead of single-hulled because the Solar I vessel that sunk off Eastern Visayas due to bad weather is single hulled and thus easily damaged,” he said.

Ellorin said oil tankers pass by the waters of Northern Mindanao and said any damage caused by an oil spill would be severe and extensive. “Once the oil spill destroys the ‘house’ — the seas — these fishes and marine life will disappear,” he said.

Back in Manila, the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) already issued hold departure orders on four Japanese nationals and three Filipinos who owned the shipping company that operated the Solar I vessel, which was the source of the oil that spilled all over the Guimaras area.

The Task Force Guimaras was given a two-week deadline by the President to complete its air, water, oil and land samples in order to determine which areas are safe from the oil spill and which remain hazardous.

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Police to continue erection of Camp Dangwa fence

Posted by Michille on 31st August 2006

Police to continue erection of Camp Dangwa fence – Sun.Star Baguio!

DESPITE the clamor to stop the planned putting up of a perimeter fence around the Police Regional Office (PRO) compound, police officials here said Tuesday that they would push through with the project, which intends to provide protection to residents living inside the compound and to the police office as well.

While appreciating the efforts of the Provincial Board (PB) of Benguet in supporting the plight of residents who would be adversely affected by the fencing project, Police Regional Director Raul Gonzales told the PB that they would continue the project, saying that concerned residents were already consulted on the plan.

Residents living within PRO premises earlier asked the PB to persuade the police office to defer the construction of the perimeter fence, saying they were not informed about the project. The province’s legislative body endorsed the petition and asked the PRO to put off the project pending consultations with the affected households.

Gonzales, however, explained to the PB that a series of consultations had been undertaken and that affected households, especially those whose houses were built temporarily, were properly advised on the status of their stay inside the camp.

“The consequences of the fencing and the status of their residency inside the camp, being temporary ones, were discussed and explained to them. They were given advice and guidance for them to make the necessary adjustments,” Gonzales said.

He added that the perimeter fencing of the camp is needed to avoid problems on encroachments from getting worse.

The proposal started in 1998 during the term of then police regional director Enrique Galang but was not completed after his relief.

“We find it appropriate to fence the camp perimeter inasmuch as the Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership and this regional office are concerned with the preservation of military reservations and to prevent more encroachments of the remaining unoccupied portion (of the reservation),” said Gonzales.

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NPA raided mining firm in Calatrava seized 2 firearms

Posted by Michille on 31st August 2006

NPA raided mining firm in Calatrava seized 2 firearms – Sun.Star Bacolod!

SEVEN alleged members of the New People’s Army (NPA) raided a mining company and carted away two of the guards firearms in Barangay Tilim, Calatrava town Tuesday dawn.

Lt. Col. Jesus Manangquil, Commanding Officer of the Army’s 11th Infantry Battalion, said the armed men raided Tarlii Mining Corp. midnight Monday, taking a 12-gauge shotgun and a caliber .38 pistol of the company security guards.

The army troopers though failed to catch the rebel group, who reportedly retreated towards Barangay Malanog.

Manangquil alleged that the mining firm has long been a target of the NPA.

Last August 21, nine alleged members of the NPA, backed by 30 other armed men, also raided the Bantay Dagat outpost, and the house of village chief Ereberto Baynosa Jr. in Barangay Salamanca, Toboso town.

They reportedly took away five unlicensed guns, which include an M16 and M14 Armalite rifles, a garand, a carbine and a shotgun.

From February to August this year, the Police has recorded 14 atrocities, caused by the mainstream rebels of the NPA, including the recent incident.

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