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POEA warns public vs illegal recruiters in Ghana

Posted by Michille on August 31st, 2006

POEA warns public vs illegal recruiters in Ghana – PIA!

by Rutchie Cabahug-Aguhob

Cagayan de Oro City (31 August) — The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has warned the public against the modus operandi of illegal recruiters to publish blind advertisements.

“Publication of these blind ads is one of the most common practices of illegal recruiters wherein they advertise for work and travel opportunities abroad but do not indicate the name of their agency or contact person,” Ann Apasra S. Abas, Regional Officer-in-Charge of POEA Extension Unit in region 10, said.

“What they publish is just the venue, mostly in hotels or restaurants for orientation or interviews to entice unsuspecting applicants who are eager to be deployed abroad,” Abas said.

At the same time, jobseekers are warned against accepting offers by some groups and individuals for employment in Ghana in the wake of reports by the Philippine Embassy in Nigeria that some Filipinos have already been victimized by illegal recruiters and made to pay for non-existent jobs in that country.

“At present, deployment to Ghana has been very minimal, averaging only 50 workers per year with most of the jobs in the administrative and managerial fields,” Abas said.

Moreover, the POEA has announced that the United Kingdom Home Office has removed general nurses from its shortage occupation list and retaining only those with specific field of specialization effective August 14, this year.

The new policy would mean that UK employees, both the NHS and independent health providers would have to satisfy first the resident labor market test before they can recruit general nurses from abroad.

“Employers recruiting general nurses in UK will have to advertise any vacancy first and demonstrate to the Work Permit UK that they cannot fill the same with a UK or EEA applicant or that no resident UK nationals were considered suitable for the job,” Abas said.

However, the new policy will have no effect on nurses currently working in the UK and does not cover the following categories of nurses which were still included in the shortage occupation lists (SOL): audiology, steep-respiratory physiology, neurophysiology, operating theater nursing, clinical radiology, pathology and critical care.

Other skills which are still included in the SOL are midwives, railway engineers, structural/bridge engineers, transportation ad highway engineers, civil Aviation authority licensed aircraft engineers and veterinary surgeons, among others.

Under the old policy, employers recruiting international nurses of whatever category can apply directly to the Home Office for a work permit without need to advertise the vacancies.

In a related development, the government reiterates the President’s stand that a retake of the recent Nurses Exam is unnecessary and unfair, particularly for those who come from the poor families that had worked hard for their young ones to enter this noble profession.

Concerned agencies and officials are working towards a win-win strategy for all stakeholders following the principle of “punishing the guilty and sparing the innocent,” taking in the directive of the President against a retake of the tainted exams.

The incident should serve as a lesson to future board takers that by tolerating or engaging in such dishonest acts, they do not only destroy themselves but also their peers and the whole profession that they aspire to be part of, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said. (PIA 10)

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