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Borrowing the wisdom of Japan’s new prime minister

Posted by Editor on September 30th, 2006

By Rodrigo S. Victoria

Naval, Biliran (30 September) — The first policy speech to parliament today by the newly elected Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is an appropriate words of wisdom that every Filipino should ponder as well as some of our country’s leaders since the country’s supreme law of the land is the subject of discussions and debates whether there is really a need to amend or not for the charter.

“The present constitution was established at a time when Japan was occupied and since then nearly 60 years have passed. Active debates are underway for a constitution that would be more suitable to a new generation” Abe said in a news report today.

The prime minister who was the first leader born after World War II cited a defect in a particular provision in the 1947 Japanese constitution which bars the country from using or even threatening to use force as a way to settle international dispute.

Japan, for we all knew is one of the countries of the world having a robust and highly developed economy Countries in Asia look Japan not only as a tiger economy but a benevolent neighbor having indulge in helping other underdeveloped and developing countries in Asia and other parts of the world in terms of development programs and projects.

It cannot be denied that Japan has already reached the pedestal of economic success and the country’s stability and any country for that matter largely depend on it and yet the newly elected prime minister has seen a great need to change the more than 60 years old constitution of Japan to suit to a new generation.

Comparatively, while to change the constitution is still a good plan of the newly elected premier, the campaign of the government to change the country’s constitution is already in its full swing and sooner or later a decision of the supreme court will be known whether to favor or not for its amendment.

It is quite unfortunate that there are Filipino intellectuals who occupy sensitive positions in the government who do not see the urgent need and look the equally important legitimate demand of the majority of the Filipino people to amend it for the sake of the country’s dream for a better and responsive to change society of ours.

It is too ironic, if not because of the inability of some of our country’s leaders to act fast on matters of vital importance for the development of the country, is one major reasons why every development efforts pushed by the one who holds the reign of government is seems always stalled by irrational views and indifferent actions usually employed by the people on the other side of the perimeter of governance.

We, Filipinos should broaden our grasp in the infinite horizon of progress and development. While other countries in the world are enjoying the benefits of progress and development brought about by the sensitivity of their leaders to catch-up the fast ride to development yet some of our country’s leaders are still at odds and in a state of disagreements until learning later that the country they ought to serve is already late in its flight to the great ride of development.

Hope it is not too late to some of our government leaders to ponder the good move of the Japanese premier in changing their constitution as well as for our county’s constitution to be amended in the soonest possible time.

The engine of the vehicle that carries the initiative to change the Japanese constitution has just started in Japan while it is already in full throttle in the Philippines, so it is best and it is high time now that some of our country’s leaders must borrow the wisdom of the new Japanese prime minister before saying now or never to progress and development. (PIA-Biliran) [top]

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