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Malaybalay City During World War II Chapter 5 Surrender

Posted by Delbert on July 22nd, 2007






Malaybalay City During World War II

September 8,1945

P33.jpg (43853 bytes)

Atomic bombs have been dropped on Japan and MacArthur accepts the surrender in Tokyo bay. Here on Mindanao the 31st Division Commanding General accepts the surrender of the Japanese troops. The next few photos, which were given to me are the official account of that event. One of our small planes brought Japanese Lt.General Gyosaku Morozumi (pictured here) in for these proceedings.

P34.jpg (48843 bytes)

A long walk for General Morozumi of the Japanese 35th Army as he is escorted through American and Filipino troops on the way for the official surrender.

P35.jpg (47448 bytes)

Here Japanese General Morozumi signs the surrender document in front of the 31st Infantry “Dixie” Division Commander General Joseph C. Hutchinson.

P36.jpg (48066 bytes)

With his signature General Joseph C. Hutchinson, commander of the 31st Infantry “Dixie” Division accepts the surrender.

P37.jpg (50224 bytes)

This is a photo of the actual surrender document.

P42.jpg (64585 bytes)

This is a copy of the surrender document, typed for clarity.

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