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Malaybalay City During World War II Chapter 6 Repatriation

Posted by Delbert on July 22nd, 2007


Malaybalay City During World War II

P83.jpg (50650 bytes)

After the surrender came the task of getting the Japanese soldiers to come down from the mountains. This was accomplished by their officers communicating with them and by leaflets being dropped from the air. The first large group (you may be able to see some of them on the other side of the river) was ordered to come to this pictured river and stack their arms.

P91.jpg (44217 bytes)

This is a part of this group after they had been ferried across the river. I was there with a convoy of trucks to move them. Thus I was able to photograph this historic event.(Town of Valencia with Musuan Peak across the river)

P65.jpg (50332 bytes)

This photo is of more of this group of Japanese soldiers.

P38.jpg (50110 bytes)

In this photo the Japanese soldiers are lining up in preparation of loading on our trucks.

P39.jpg (42895 bytes)

The Japanese soldiers are loading on our trucks for a ride to a compound, where they will await transportation back to Japan. While there our American guards are not for the purpose of keeping them from escaping but rather to protect them from the Filipino people.

P58.jpg (55076 bytes)

After trucking the Japanese soldiers to a compound, my trucks next hauled food to them. In this photo they are shown unloading one of the trucks.

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