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IED Fight Has “Strategic Flaw”

Posted by Delbert on July 26th, 2007

Danger Room – Wired Blogs
“Tribal-like organizational cultures and bureaucratic reluctance” are hobbling the Pentagon’s fight against improvised explosive devices. And that’s making success in battling the jury-rigged bombs “as elusive as victory in Iraq,” according to an insider study, obtained by DANGER ROOM.

The report, written by Colonel William Adamson — the former operations officer in the Defense Department’s $4.4 billion-a-year Joint IED Defeat Organization, or JIEDDO — also heaps praise on the Pentagon for its “resilience, learning and adapting to the IED threat.” It credits JIEDDO’s chief, retired General Montgommery Meigs, with “vision [and] leadership.” And the paper notes that “casualty rates per IED attack are down, indicating that the cumulative effort of training, better protective equipment, and improved intelligence [have] had a positive effect.”

However, what the paper concludes, ultimately, is that the American effort against improvised bombs has been an “unsatisfactory performance [with] an incomplete strategy.” What’s more, the JIEDDO-led struggle against the hand-made explosives has a “strategic flaw” that may keep the U.S. from ever gaining the upper hand on the bombers, Adamson notes: The lack of authority to knock bureaucratic heads. He recommends instead establishing a separate, Executive Branch agency with a “laser-like concentration on the hostile use of IEDs.”

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