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Pinoy invents ‘multimedia coffin’

Posted by Mai on October 31st, 2007

Philippine Star – Articles – -
Pinoy invents ‘multimedia coffin’

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Filipino inventor of rent-a-coffin is back with another creation: a coffin with multimedia capability wherein Filipinos abroad can express their condolences in real-time to those who lost their loved ones back home.

Antonio Andes yesterday said one of the features of his newest invention is a multi-function display panel and through the use of the Internet, it can provide video stream of messages from relatives who can’t make it to the wake.

“During the wake period, we usually witness strips of ribbon where names of the family members of the deceased are written and with the aid of a safety pin, it is pasted at the inner cover of the coffin. A single picture frame of the deceased may be displayed atop the full glass cover of the coffin,” said the 42-year-old Filipino inventor.

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Philippine Star – Articles – -

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